Shortly you be going into the Heavens Above main site, the premier Satellite Visibilty predictor. You'll be able to find  the times and locations for viewing overhead passes of the International Space Station, the Space Shuttle,
Iridium Flares, the Hubble Space Telescope, a wealth of satellites and sometimes the rocket boosters that put them in orbit! But first of all you need to know the Earth location you'll be observing satellites from. 
Below is a table giving the locations of some of my friends and colleagues from around the world who share my interest in satellite observing.  Clicking on any one of them gives countless predictions for that location, in addition to local Sun and Moon rising and setting times. If you want to be listed here, drop me an email, telling me as accurately as you can where you are. Better still give me your latitude and longitude!
If you click on  the bottom entry on the table it will deliver you to the default Heavens Above site. Follow their excellent instructions to locate yourself on the Earth and bookmark the file, so you don't have to do this every time you go into the site. 

Houston (my location in south-west Houston, near Katy, TX)

George Observatory, Brazos Bend State Park, TX.

Heavens Above Default